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Aida, Princess of the Kitchen
Wednesday, July 23, 2008 | posted by Mike

Get it?  No?  OK, no more opera jokes.

Anyway, the Food Network folks sent along one of their preview press releases, highlighting the upcoming "interactive cooking show," Ask Aida.  They've been plugging it as part of their upcoming shows promos during The Next Food Network Star.  Here are the details on the August 2nd debut.
Cooking expert Aida Mollenkamp prepares delicious dishes while solving Food Network viewers' culinary conundrums on her new interactive cooking show, Ask Aida, premiering Saturday, August 2nd at 12:30pm ET/PT. Whether it’s pies or pasta, grilling or frying, simple dinners or sweet breakfasts, each episode highlights a topic inspired by viewer-submitted video, e-mail, and text questions that Aida answers as she whips up tasty recipes that include the ingredient or theme. With exceptional culinary experience and a relaxed approach, Aida addresses everything from recipe and ingredient issues to advice on kitchen catastrophes and culinary tools. Noah Starr serves as the “tech guru” sorting through then asking the questions sent to Aida while also trying to stump her with a crazy ingredient or gadget and, of course, tasting the food too.
There's more about it on the show's page on the FoodNetwork.com.

The interactivity thing is nothing new -- Sara Moulton's old show featured call-in questions -- but the ability to shoot and submit videos and use e-mail and text are obviously the new hook.

Down below, you can see a picture of Aida.  FYI...we'll be posting photos of Aida every chance we get.

But who is this Noah Starr character who will be serving as "tech guru?"

Well, thanks to the top-notch TVFF Research Department (a.k.a. Google), we know that he's a writer/performer from New York City.  He's also the proprietor of Noah Starr's Blogular Craptacular!  It's a sporadically-updated personal blog. Check it out now before the folks at Food Network send him a friendly note suggesting he maybe he should remove "Communism" from his list of "Things I Like."  (Don't worry...it's a joke.)

According to IMDB, he also appeared as "Victim" on The Maury Povich Show.  

Oh, man...we like him already!



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