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Food Network to Get "Butter"-ed Up
Thursday, August 07, 2008 | posted by Mike

Despite the fact that nearly all of the amateur contestants on The Next Food Network Star have managed to snag some sort of job at Food Network, it's not just home chefs that have been joining the FN ranks.  First, we had Anne Burrell start up a new show (which we at TVFF like, although we could do with a little less over-the-top grunting/sound effects from time to time).  Now it's the chef from New York City's Butter, Alexandra Guarnaschelli, who has a show coming up.  Must be a good time to be a female chef from NYC!

The show is called The Cooking Loft.  That' not to be confused with Anne Taylor Loft, which is where I sit and wait uncomfortably while Mrs. TVFF tries on outfits.

Details?  Here's the press release:
Welcome to The Cooking Loft, home of Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli’s innovative and inventive cooking class. This successful restaurant chef invites four students into her cooking loft to learn her secrets and ask the kinds of questions at-home viewers would want to know the answers to. Beginning Saturday, August 30th at 9:30AM ET/PT Alex invites everyone to roll up their sleeves and learn first-hand how a pro puts her own unique spin on basic cooking techniques to elevate America's favorite dishes. Each week, Alex breaks down food topics like pasta, seasonal fruit, tomatoes, pizza, turkey, breakfast, holiday cookies, and apples to reveal easy and accessible techniques. The Cooking Loft is loaded with timesaving tips and tricks viewers won't want to miss!

Episodes include:
Premiering August 30th at 9:30am ET/PT – You Say Tomato

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s idea of retail therapy includes visiting the greenmarket to find the best seasonal produce. She entices her students with a bounty of tomatoes and teaches them how to use the fruit throughout an entire meal. With dishes like Seared Steak that’s drenched in a fresh Tomato Sauce, Tomato and Watermelon Salad with strawberries, and Stuffed Tomatoes with Caramel and Ice Cream for dessert, no matter how you say tomato, your taste buds will be tantalized!

Premiering September 6th 9:30am ET/PT – This Bird’s Got Range
Chef Alex Guarnaschelli feels there are endless ways to prepare chicken. She’s sharing her all-time favorites to teach the students, including Crunchy Fried Chicken with a sour cream and mustard marinade, and surprisingly juicy Flattened Chicken Breast with a sweet and tangy Marmalade and a side of sautéed Wilted Romaine. After this lesson at The Cooking Loft, you’ll be a certified poultry pro.

Premiering September 13th at 9:30am ET/PT – Sweet and Fruity
Chef Alex Guarnaschelli teaches her students how to turn the best fruits of the season into amazing desserts. She shares a few simple tricks to working with fruit and demonstrates elegant and irresistible recipes like Stovetop Peaches with Streusel and Zesty Sour Cream and Almond Cream and Strawberry Parfait.

Premiering September 20th at 9:30am ET/PT – Perfect Pasta
Chef Alex Guarnaschelli throws a pasta party at the loft to teach her students unique takes on traditional pasta dinners.  Bubbling Macaroni and Cheese with breadcrumbs and Cavatappi Pasta with Spicy Yellow Tomato Sauce are sure to be recipes that will make many repeat appearances.



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