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Possibly My Favorite Contestant Ever
Wednesday, June 25, 2008 | posted by Mike

I don't spend a whole lot of time talking about Hell's Kitchen. For starters, it's the television equivalent of bubble gum. Secondly, the real joy to be gained from it is in the voyeuristic masochism that you get from watching the poor contestants get worked over by Gordon Ramsay. Talking about it is just superfluous.

But I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Matt, who has become possibly my favorite food reality show contestant of all time.

You may remember that we mentioned Matt way back at the beginning of the season, when he made Chef Ramsay vomit with a scallop/venison/white chocolate concoction. Well, the dish elicited a strangely defensive comment (really...check it out...) which warned all the critics to stay tuned because Matt's fortunes were gonna take a turn for the better.

But really, we were the ones who had good times ahead.

Matt managed to stick around despite getting torn apart week in and week out. It was really a sight to see. Consistently getting passed from team to team and getting called out by Ramsay. And yet, he stuck around.

But the best part was the faces he would make. In fact, a montage of the best looks was featured on an episode of Best Week Ever. And once you've made it on BWE, you're big time.

Matt, you made Pine Hill, New Jersey proud!



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