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It's That Time of Year Again...
Thursday, May 01, 2008 | posted by Mike

Oh, yes...

The fourth season of personalities, challenges and a shot at Food Network stardom.
The Next Food Network Star is back this summer with a star-studded fourth season on Food Network. This season Bobby Flay takes a seat with the selection committee full-time and the finalists are put through the ringer to prove that they can take the cake (and the pizza, and the lobster, and the potato salad) to be the last chef standing and winner of his-or-her own Food Network show. The series kicks off with a few friendly Food Network faces on Sunday, June 1st at 10pm ET/PT.
TVFF regulars know my rule: Don't bother learning the names of reality show contestants until you're 1/3 of the way through the season. However, if you insist on getting a head start on things:
The 10 finalists include: Nipa Bhatt (Victoria, MN), Jennifer Cochrane (Woonsocket, RI), Lisa Garza (Dallas, TX), Adam Gertler (Philadelphia, PA), Cory Kahaney (New York, NY), Shane Lyons (Colorado Springs, CO), Aaron McCargo Jr. (Camden, NJ), Kelsey Nixon (North Ogden, UT), Kevin Roberts (San Diego, CA), and Jeffrey Vaden (White Plains, NY).
Best name? McCargo. Why? Because it sounds like the nickname you gave your high school buddy who always wore baggy pants.

Wait...what's this?!? Adam from Philadelphia and Aaron from neighboring Camden, NJ (which yours truly passes through every morning on the way to the day job) means we have a side competition, which I have officially dubbed "The Battle of the Ben Franklin Bridge." In this epic clash high above the Delaware River...who...will...survive?

So, our rooting interests are officially split, but Aaron from Camden will have our full allegiance if he manages to work Campbell's Soup into each dish he makes.



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