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Arreverderci, Eddie!
Tuesday, June 12, 2007 | posted by Mike

Our time together was much, much too brief.

Hell's Kitchen "86'd" our favorite character (we use the term "character" because none of these conetestants are real people) last night. Gordon Ramsay said it was because Eddie couldn't control his station. That may be true, but I think he got rid of him because he couldn't think of any more "tiny" jokes, having to recycle the "that fish is the size of Eddie" line three or four times.

I just guess that we'll have to turn our love to Aaron, the crying Asian cowboy. To Aaron's credit, I think he only broke down in tears once last night. He did, however, bail out on his crew in favor of a nap in the dorm. Not exactly what you would call a team player.

At the risk of looking too self-congratulatory, I would like to point out a post a while back in which I said, "...with a name like Vinnie, there is some meathead potential." And, sure enough, he's just like every other "Vinnie from Jersey" I know -- and there are a disproportionate number of Vinnies here in the Garden State.

At this rate, I'll have nobody to root for.



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