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"Hell's Kitchen" Contestants Announced, TVFF Gets Hometown (Kinda) Rooting Interest
Tuesday, May 15, 2007 | posted by Mike

Who are we kidding? Nobody actually roots for a particular contestant on Hell's Kitchen. The only thing we root for is a psychotic break followed by a cleaver attack.

But, since I'm sure they'd just edit out any of the really good violence, I suppose we'll have to be content with the actual competition. And Reality TV World has the latest news on the upcoming season of the Gordon Ramsay starrer, presenting a full run-down of the twelve competitors who will face off with each other (and the feisty redhead) in the third iteration of the Fox reality/competition program.

The twelve contestants who will be competing on Hell's Kitchen 3 are:

- Aaron, a 48-year-old retirement home chef from Palos Verdes, CA
- Brad, a 25-year-old sous chef from Scottsdale, AZ
- Eddie, a 28-year-old grill cook from Atlanta, GA
- Josh, a 26-year-old junior sous chef from Miami Beach, FL
- Rock, a 30-year-old executive chef from Spotsylvania, VA
- Vinnie, a 29-year-old night club chef from Milltown, NJ
- Bonnie, a 26-year-old nanny/personal chef from Los Angeles, CA
- Jen, a 26-year-old pastry chef from Hazelton, PA
- Joanna, a 22-year-old chef's assistant from Detroit, MI
- Julia, a 28-year-old short-order cook from Atlanta, GA
- Melissa, a 29-year-old line cook from New York, NY
- Tiffany, a 27-year-old kitchen manager from Scottsdale, AZ

So, it looks like we have the requisite "old guy" (Aaron), but I'm not seeing the "non-food service professional" this year. It was always fun to watch Ramsay berate someone who has now clue how to operate in a professional kitchen, but it was also a nice bone to throw to all of us armchair cooks who secretly harbor dreams of making it happen some day. He/she will be sorely missed.

But I do have to go with Vinnie, the 29 year old "night club chef" from Milltown, NJ, which is just a hop, skip and jump from TVFF's branch office. I'm still not sure what a "night club chef" is (perhaps he's able to cook despite deafening techno music?), and with a name like Vinnie, there is some meat-head potential, so I do reserve the right to jump off the Vinnie bandwagon. But I do have to give a fellow Garden Stater the benefit of the doubt.

Just a reminder: The new season starts on June 4th.

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