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Seriously, Enough with the Spinach
Sunday, September 24, 2006 | posted by Mike

SpinachWe joked the other day about Rachael Ray including spinach as an alternative ingredient in one of the dishes on her new show.

But we managed to catch a couple of shows on Food Network this weekend that continue to feature the green, leafy killer as a main ingredient.

Yesterday, they were running Giada's Italian Holiday and there was a one-minute "quick recipe" segment that they ran during the commercial break that included a no-cook spinach pesto sauce that (unless her food processor has a “disinfect” setting) probably wasn’t the best idea.

Today, I tuned in late to Barefoot Contessa and Ina was plating some sautéed spinach dish. I’m not an expert on the safe handling procedures, but I’m not even sure I’d go with that route. Plus, I can personally attest based upon my trip to Wegman’s last night, there is no spinach to be found at the markets.

Finally, Easy Entertaining came on next and he told us all to stay tuned for – you guessed it – a roasted beet salad with raw spinach. Mmmmm…coli-rific!

Guys…this will all blow over soon, so how about shelving the spinach-centric shows until then?

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