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"Sea Monster Week" (Yes, You Read That Correctly) on Original Iron Chef
Friday, August 15, 2008 | posted by Mike

As much as we enjoy watching Mark Dacascos doing back-blips on Iron Chef America, we miss the good old days of the Japanese original from time to time.  When we get particularly nostalgic, we'll swing over to Fine Living, which runs episodes of the classic series.

The folks over at Fine Living are very good to us at TVFF.  There was the Shopping with Chefs event in NYC that we got to check out.  And, in general, they reach out to us on a regular basis.  My point is that they are very focused on selling their portfolio of food programs, and that apparently goes for both their original series as well as Iron Chef, because we got a note from them telling us about their special, themed weeks that start next Monday, August 18 at 8 p.m. with "Sea Monster Week."

What's the catch of the day?

Sea Monster Week will feature lots of crazy underwater creatures, starting with Battle Octopus on Monday 8/18, then Battle King Crab, Battle Giant Eel, and Battle Squid, before the formidable Battle Ashura Oyster on Friday 8/22.
According to the folks at Fine Living, this will actually be the first of five weeks of themed program blocks.



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