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Really? Because He Doesn't Seem the Kind of Guy to Pander or Sell Out.
Monday, August 25, 2008 | posted by Mike

Hey, I bet you're wondering what Rocco DiSpirito has been up to since his Bertolli-pitching appearance on Top Chef.  Or maybe you were just hoping he had gone away, never to be heard from again.  I know I felt a little bit of each.  And now I feel like a sucker.

Why?  Because Rocco is slated to be a contestant on the next edition of Dancing with the Stars.
Rocco DiSpirito: This 42 year old American chef will have to leave his homebase of New York city to compete in D.W.T.S. Rocco is another product of reality T.V. He stared in the show "The Restaurant" which followed him and his mother during the opening of their restaurant, "Rocco's 22nd Street". He also competed in "the Biggest Loser: Couples" and was a guest judge and sous-chef in "Top Chef". Viewers always like to see people with strong personalities on the show. Rocco may fit right in. His reality T.V. show "Rocco's 22nd Street" ended with disagreements with his financier, Jeffrey Chodorow. Rocco also hosted his own radio show a few years ago, but that too ended due to "creative differences".
Great...now I can add "dancing" to my ongoing list ("cooking," "talking," "anything") of things I don't want to watch Rocco DiSpirito doing on my TV.

Hat Tip to Emily for passing this fun bit of info my way.



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