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Marcel Busted for Suspicion of DUI, Hair Only Slightly Less Fantastic in Mug Shot
Wednesday, August 27, 2008 | posted by Mike

OK.  Let's be clear.  Drunk driving is not funny.  Drunk driving mug shots, however, are hysterical.

You may remember Marcel Vigneron from Top Chef a couple of years ago.  He was the one with the cartoon character-like hair and soul-piercing glare.  Now you get to see him in a slightly different light, thanks to the mug shot currently up at Grub Street.  The folks over at GS have a very good point when they compare the pokey photo favorably to the publicity shot from TC.

Ahhh...celebrity mug shots.  Perhaps no greater treat has been brought to us by the Internet than these schadenfreude-laden glimpses of fame gone wrong.  And, although Marcel has not made their hall of shame, the alpha and omega of online celeb mug shot sites is, without a doubt, The Smoking Gun.

I'm guessing that many of you know about the site, but those of you who don't (or anyone who is up for a good chuckle) should swing by the mug shot page.  It's hours and hours of fun.  Unfortunately, I think they missed a golden opportunity to let visitors rate their faves, but you just can't go wrong when you click around on a list like that.  In case you're wondering, my all-time fave is Nick Nolte.

A quick scan doesn't seem to reveal any food TV personalities.  So, Marcel, congratulations on your potentially groundbreaking achievement!



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