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A Bobby Flay Street Sighting!
Wednesday, June 13, 2007 | posted by Mike

You remember TVFF Cub Reporter Jessica, right? She noticed the plane with the TNFNS banner a couple of weeks back. Well, she's just been promoted to TVFF Ace Reporter Jessica thanks to this little exchange (paraphrased and condensed for dramatic purposes):

(Phone Rings)

TVFF: TVFF Branch Office, how may I help you?

Jessica: I'm in New York. I just left a meeting and I'm staring at BOBBY FLAY!

TVFF: Get out! What's he doing?

Jessica: He's taping a show.

TVFF: Get a picture!

Later, back at the TVFF Branch Office

TVFF: So, where did this happen, Chelsea?

Jessica: No, 51st between 6th and 7th.

TVFF: What show was he taping?

Jessica: Hmmmm...

TVFF: Was there also a guy with a bike there?

Jessica: Maybe...or it could have been a wheelchair...(regardless, we established that there were wheels involved)

TVFF: Did the guy also have a mask?

Jessica: Yes! How did you know!?!

TVFF: Throwdown!

Yup, it looks like Bobby was taping an intro to one of his Throwdown episodes and a TVFF correspondent just happens to stumble upon him.

What's that? You want proof? Check out this bad boy!

OK, you're probably just going to have to take our word for it. The TVFF IT department was unable to get the photo off the phone so we just took a digital photo of the cell phone. It's a bit "ghetto," but I'm not opening up the TVFF coffers to upgrade Jessica's data plan, so this is about as good as it's going to get.



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