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Toby Young, Take Two
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 | posted by Mike

Getting geared up for tomorrow's Top Chef?  Then you'll want to go over to Endless Simmer to catch the latest Toby Young Insult Tracker



Adam Gertler Goes "On The DL"
Monday, January 19, 2009 | posted by Mike

It's been documented on this site that, while I do love me some food, there are a couple of other hobbies/interests that surpass it.  The BIG one is sports.  While I'm still smarting from the loss of my Eagles in the NFC championshiop yesterday, at least I can console myself with the memory that my Phillies are World F___ing Champions and I got to stand at Broad and South for the first parade in 25 years.

Because it's impossible to be a sports fan without becoming completely obsessed, there are a number of podcasts that I listen to regularly.  One of the absolute best -- On the DL with Dan Levy -- has a Philly flair since he's in the area and a Fightin' Phillies fan as well, but his show focuses on sports media and he manages to snag some huge names, including ESPN's Tony Kornheiser, NFL Films' Steve Sabol and even Philly sports enthusiast Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania.  Dan and his co-host Nick are knowledgeable and the show is informative, fun and funny.

From time to time, the show also brings on some interesting non-sports folks, including a chat with Chuck Norris.  So it was a pleasant surprise when I heard he was going to have The Next Food Network Star runner-up Adam Gertler (who also hails from the City of Brotherly Love) on to discuss his new show, Will Work for Food.  He talks about the new show, his experience on Star and his experience owning a restaurant in Philly.

You can catch the episode on their site, but if your interested in sports, do yourself a favor and subscribe to the podcast while you're there.

Sandra Lee in D.C.?!?!
Sunday, January 18, 2009 | posted by Mike

Hey, maybe you're not a fan of Sandra Lee.  But you've come to grips with your feelings about her because you know that she really has no access to the levers of power.  What if you were no longer secure in that thought?

Sure, it' a long shot, but check out my latest entry on Endless Simmer to find out how she could expand her Semi-Homemad empire.



Simmering Away
Tuesday, January 13, 2009 | posted by Mike

Hey, everyone.  Sorry for the layoff.  Yes, I'm a bad, bad blogger.

Enough of that, I'm going to make it up to you.

A while back...over a year ago, we pointed you to a great site called Endless Simmer which knocked our socks off at the time and which has churned out consistently top-notch food blog conent and which we've referenced in a number of our own posts here on TVFF.  BS, gansie and the crew over there are the complete package when it comes to writing...prolific and good. 

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when, in the course of an e-mail conversation, they mentioned the possibility of contributing posts to what I think is one of the best and funniest food blogs around. 

We're kicking off the party with a post on the newest judge to join the Top Chef stable.  Swing over to ES and check out The Toby Young Insult Tracker, which analyzes and grades the British critic's attempts to put down the show's contestants.

Be sure to go check it out and, of course, bookmark and/or subscribe to Endless Simmer for all the great content, including some more stuff from TVFF.

Anyone Still Out There?
Sunday, January 11, 2009 | posted by Mike

Well, maybe you're still subscribing to the feed.

Anyway, we'll have some news for you in the very near future.

You may have thought TVFF was dead, but we're like one of those George Romero zombies, man.  If you don't shoot us in the head, we don't stay down.  That'll teach you.

Check back soon!


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