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"Hey, is that...? Yes, it is!"
Tuesday, September 30, 2008 | posted by Mike

Hola, everyone.  Been busy around here lately, but you know how it is.

Anyway, I haven't been going in to work the past two days.  Insteady, I've been taking a computer training class in Philly that doesn't start until 10:00, which means I'm heading into the city about an hour and a half later than usual.  It's nice...there are fewer commuters at this point so it's pretty relaxing.  Plug in the headphones, fire up the This American Life podcast and zone out. 

That's what I was up to when I was standing on the PATCO train going over the Delaware River this morning.  I casually glanced around the car, looking at a couple of the riders.  One of them caught my eye, though, and I immediately thought to myself, "Hey, is that...?"


That's right...the fellow sitting there in the sunglasses is Aaron McCargo!

(Don't worry -- his companion did actually have a face.  I just didn't want to subject her to my staker-azzi photo, so I blurred her out. )

He was obviously in a conversation, so it didn't feel right to swoop in and ask for a photo, hence the surreptitious iPhone picture.  But he did see me and I gave him a bit of a "head nod of recognition" that he returned and flashed a quick smile, which was nice.



My Guess: The Pancetta Cologne Makes Him Irresistible
Monday, September 22, 2008 | posted by Mike

Perhaps in celebration of the debut of his Spanish food show, it appears that Mario Batali is singing a little "Besame Mucho" to rock star/humanitarian Bono in this photo over at Best Week Ever.

The show, Spain...on the Road Again (which would probably be even cooler if it featured Willie Nelson) debuts this coming weekend in the Philadelphia market...go here for your locale.  The DVR is officially set and ready to go.



TV Food Fan Mentioned in Baltimore Sun's Article on Geof Manthorne
Wednesday, September 17, 2008 | posted by Mike

Regular readers of the site know about our man-crush on Ace of Cakes Renaissance man Geof Manthorne, which goes back to the early days of this site.  So it was a pleasant surprise when we got a call from Jill Rosen, a reporter at the Baltimore Sun, for our take on what makes Geof so appealing.

We were more than happy to weigh in on the topic and you can see the results in the article, 'Ace of Cakes' fans have a thing for bakery artist Geof Manthorne, which is up on the Sun's site.  Be sure to check out the whole thing...with special attention to the last couple of paragraphs, of course!

Charm City
Tuesday, September 16, 2008 | posted by Mike

Busy travelling today...

I did do a drive by of Baltimore en route to Washington.  Sorry, no Duff sighting, but they do have a very colorful bridge.  My "iPhone-photo-from-a-moving-train" image doesn't do it justice.  I'll just wait for Charm City Cakes to do a pastry version of it.  Seriously, though...anyone down there know what the deal is with this thing?

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The Best Feast Yet?
Monday, September 15, 2008 | posted by Mike

It just might be.

We really enjoyed the first two shots of Feasting, mostly because of the fact that it really presented a program that looked and felt like nothing else that was on the Network.  But, truth be told, Alton and his crew were visiting places that looked somewhat familiar to American audiences.  Sure, we may not have deep fried pig brains here in New Jersey, but this wasn't exactly a different world we were talking about.  All that is different this year.

I think the real, "hidden" secret to this year is the fact that there seems to be less preperation on the crew's part and that they're also beholden to the winds, so we get the occasional detour.

In past years, the squad went from location to location, visiting real, authentic places that, nonetheless, were probably aware of the Food Network, and possibly even with Alton himself.  I don't think that's the case this year, and it feels like more of a discovery...similar to what we see in some of the better food/travel shows.

The real tip-off for this was the fact that, during last night's episode (number 2 on the season), there was a little back-and-forth between Alton and his host about the fact that they knew about Rachael Ray (and Alton play-acted that he'd never heard of her).  The fact that they included this episode and that Alton seemed genuinely a little surprised leads me to belive that they didn't hear a lot of, "Hey, you guys are from Food Network!" while making the rounds.  Their ability to travel incognito lends the show a level of authenticity we haven't seen before.



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